Roger-yves BOST


Pénélope monte sur un poney pour la première fois à l’âge de 3 ans. Elle participe à ses premiers Championnats de France à Lamotte Beuvron à 6ans, puis poursuit la compétition en épreuves amateur.

Edward LEVY


The choice of Mark TODD : A Proteo 3 Long Tack-room. Equipped with anti-weave grills, protective sheet and furniture with sliding curtain, this horsebox provides optimum comfort. The temparature gauge located in the horse part is linked to the cabin control screen which enables to keep an eye on the horses and ensure their wellness during transportation. In addition to its equipment convenience and ergonomy, Sir Mark TODD Proteo has a very elegant and trendy look thanks to its matt paint decorated with his logo, as well as a beautiful bicolor leather cabin.


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