The Morpheo Lounge edition 

For a cozy and warm atmosphere, enter the Lounge Edition.


Avant-garde design, never seen before

The Morpheo was known for its cutting edge design. Today we are going even further. For several years, we have carried out numerous tests to always combine design and aerodynamics with your safety and that of the horse.

Our different lines of research on outdoor design were based on its innovative, surprising and elegant appearance.

 - Led lights
 - Integrated Step
 - Decorative glass
 - Spolier

No frills at THEAULT, all our choices are oriented by reflection and study :

 - The Red colour, Sporty and dynamic
 - Anti-UV glazing for horses.
 - Spolier and led position lights for easy viewing
 - Inslated Cab, etc…

Our skills to serve your requirement.

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Rider and passenger wellbeing

We could not stop there. The DNA of Morpheo itself forbid us too. Beyond technical advances, design, safety or even modularity, we thought of making the trip in our truck exceptional, as memorable as in first class.

A premium acoustic installation by Focal®, composed of 10 loudspeakers for the pleasure of a unique sound combining power and purity.

 - 4 real seats, swivel seats.
 - A luxury cabinetry in collaboration with the James House.
 - A wine cellar
 - Many options
 - The perfectly integrated led illumination, mirrors, trays ...

All this is only a foretaste of what is Morpheo because we cannot summarize in a few points a product of exception that will not cease to reinvent itself. The revelations are not finished, they have just begun.

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A new stage for the well-being and safety of your horses

THEAULT has always made your safety and innovation its priorities. With this fourth stage of discovery of the Morpheo you will see that we do not deviate from our rules.

The Morpheo presents a major advance for the well-being of the horse.

This model adapts to all the morphologies of the horse and to all the situations. Patents on this new technology allow users an unprecedented modularity. Beyond the practical aspects, this new installation makes it possible to considerably increase the safety and comfort of horses. It is now possible, as Roger-Yves Bost tells us, to have the flexibility to travel a horse using the traditional breast bar or stud style option.

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