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A new logo for THEAULT !


At this time of the year, the season is conducive to major changes. This is the case for the company THEAULT that writes a new page of its history by launching its brand-new logo. With much simpler lines, the image that emerges exudes modernity.

Olivier PAULMIER, president of VANS THEAULT explains the reasons and context of this modernization:


« The reworking of the new logo THEAULT is consistent with the will of our company to reaffirm its values. With simpler lines and refined design, the aesthetic is resolutely modern. However, the redesign cannot be without preserving what makes the history and identity of THEAUL’s logo since 1924. The blazon and the horse's head are the guarantors of the preservation of the THEAULT’s historical legacy; the evolution of lines and simplification of the outline are the modern translation.

To sum up briefly, this logo conveys the today’s values of THEAULT: Know-how, quality and tradition; but also aesthetic and strong desire of modernism. »


The redesign is part of a global approach of modernization of communication tools.