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4 of his horses at Rio!

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our client M.Klaus Munkedal, is one of the most famous horsemen for Dressage discipline in Denmark.


Hello Klaus, for how long have you been driving a THEAULT?

I have been driving a THEAULT horsebox for around 4.5 years. I think the chassis of my Fiat horsebox is fantastic. It’s a very good truck. I am really happy and confident to transport my horses in this 2 horsebox. I think the horse part is as good as the driver part. Horses feel comfortable while travelling. I can transport any kind of horses, everything is always alright.

You have just visited our production facilities, what is your feeling?

Yes it was interesting, and I found it funny to see what is needed to build a horsebox from the beginning to the end. I saw how they build how they weld, how they paint, and so on… It was quite exciting, and now I realize how many skills you do need to build a THEAULT horsebox.

I heard 4 of your horses were qualified for RIO Olympic Games, is it right?

(haha)… It’s a long story! In fact, 4 of horses I bred and where born in our stables and that i sold are about to participate to Rio, and will represent Denmark, Switzerland, UK and Spain for Dressage discipline.
I am not sure they have chance to win in individual competition, but they have higher chance to win in a team competition. I am really proud of them, and can’t wait to see them on the TV.

                Who are they?

-          Atterupgaards Cassidy (For Denmark)

-          Atterupgaards Molberg (For Switzerland)

-          Atterupgaards Orthilia (for the UK)

 -          Lorenzo (for Spain)

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